Ikea Chair Recall - Gulliver Childrens Highchair

    Thought I would post this incase anyone has bought one - Read it in the Metro paper this morning.

    IKEA recalls a limited number of GULLIVER childrens highchair

    IKEA wants customers who bought a GULLIVER highchair with article number 400.510.21 in January or February 2008 to bring it back to their IKEA store where they will receive a new GULLIVER highchair.

    No incident has occurred However IKEA received one customer report in Germany that the crotch restraint, which prevents a child from slipping out of the highchair, came loose after assembly. The product was immediately sales stopped during the investigation.

    The GULLIVER high chair is a bent wood construction and each high chair is hand finished. Investigation traced the cause of the problem to human error affecting a few production weeks only. Measures have been implemented to secure future deliveries.

    The affected GULLIVER highchairs were produced and sold in Europe in January and February of 2008 only. GULLIVER highchair is marked on the under surface of the seat with a four digit date stamp (YYWW), a five digit supplier no, IKEA logo and country of manufacturer. The affected date stamps are 0801, 0802, 0803, 0804, 0805, 0806, 0807 or 0808 and were produced by supplier no 13755.

    No other date stamps or highchairs are affected. However, if customers are worried that their high chair is affected then they are advised to take the hair chair to their local IKEA store.

    IKEA apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.

    For more information, please contact customer services on 0845 358 3364.

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