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Found 3rd Jun 2008
Hi, I was wondering if anyone had had a similar experience or could just generally help with my problem. My girlfriend and I ordered several pieces of bedroom furniture totalling around £500 back on sunday April 13th for our new flat we were moving into in May. We paid in full and were given a 'planned delivery date' of Monday 19th May. We figured we could handle living out of our suitcases and making do in our new place til then as we worked on getting all the other rooms up to scratch. The delivery date came and we took the day off work to prepare for it, tidying and making room etc. I called the customer service number as we had had a missed called fron Ikea on the night before (sunday evening) and figured it was to confirm the time we could expect them to arrive. To my horror i was then informed that my delivery would not be arriving that day at all. This was due to their 21st birthday celebrations (an event several weeks AFTER our original order) meaning there was a serious back log of deliveries, (some 800+ odd i was told as if to make me feel better?) and unfortunately mine was among them. We were then told to call the delivery company ourselves to arrange a redelivery. Several phone calls later and I finally managed to get hold of them and was then told that the earliest they could do was for Monday 9th June, another 3 weeks away. This means IF it does actually arrive that it will be nearing 2 months since we ordered and paid, and more days of works will need to be taken. Im fuming that they didnt make us aware of this back log earlier so we wouldnt have had to give up our holiday time. To date the only comensation we've been offered is our delvery charges repaid - the princely sum of £15! (They refuse to discuss compensation until the furniture arrives, 'company policy' apparently) Im waiting with baited breath naturally for next monday.. Does anyone have any advice for my next customer service show down? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as Im losing the will to fight.. Thanks
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would you not be tempted to cancel your order - i would -
i love ikea stuff but only buy in store - im lucky enough to live quite near one

but i know their delivery is absolutely rubbish

as i said before wouldnt you be temPted to cancel - its worth a ring and ask to speak to manager of store - if not email head office
Try the Citizen's Advice Bureau and / or Which? Legal advice helpline (About a tenner for 3 months)

You couild probably argue that they've broken the contract, in which case your remedy would be to go out into the markeplace, find as close an equivalent as you can and hold Ikea liable for any difference in price.

It's funny. In the UK Ikea have a reputation for scandanvian style but, according to a friend of Scandanavian origin, they are viewed as being in a similar way to the way we feel about MFI .
this happend to my sister in the end she cancelled her order and brought from the shop (as she ordered over the internet) infact you have just reminded me they have not responded to my complaints letter..
brought??? I think you'll find that should be 'bought'.

I am a spelling Nazi. Pity me.

brought??? I think you'll find that should be 'bought'. I am a spelling … brought??? I think you'll find that should be 'bought'. I am a spelling Nazi. Pity me.

Don't worry hopelessliar - you're not the only one!
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