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Posted 27th Jul

Is there an actual ikea customer service email I can email to lay out my concerns rather than chatting to them on the phone? As I believe I’ll have more luck writing my issues down.

essentially I’m still shielding from the ‘rona as I don’t fully trust Govt advice yet.

And as with most large retailers that sell cheap plants, they don’t sell them online (I can imagine it’s not worth the hassle for cheap plants being broken and the CS having to deal with it all) However I’d spend a fortune on the cheap plants, if Uber (I don’t have a licence) weren’t charging £30/40 quid each way to get to the Purley way store from the Hampton area.

I’ve even been buying the ikea hydroponics set up too so I can have year round salad etc. They then locked down the price of the growlights until a date in August. Great I thought. I’ll pick up a few more of those, however despite them being one of the few items that are plant related and delivered online in the past, that’s no longer the case, so I’m stuck with the lights too.

I’ve also spent the early hours of this morning buying bits that were advertised as available online including the galvanised Hylliss shelving which comes in various set ups, including with a plastic cover for a makeshift greenhouse. Website said it was available to buy online, but then when you click through it says to remove these goods too as they are in short supply?

while certainly not wanting to talk discriminately as I don’t think it really is. I’m very annoyed, I can’t buy their cheap plants for delivery online, Can’t buy things I have in the past bought online, and now also can’t buy things the website lists as being able to buy online but once you’re through the various stages it wants me to turf out the big gardening items due to limited stock.

id just like to explain the above to someone with a bit of clout at IKEA, to show them the annoyances the current Covid situation causes (obviously this all pales into insignificance with the deaths and what not) but now things are slowly being claimed as coming back to normal, I’d like to explain to ikea that it’s really not for a significant? Part of its customer base.

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Peter.jelkeby@ikea.com - he is their UK CEO.

A respectful, succinct email has been effective for me in the past.
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That’s very handy. Thank you very much. Cheers!
Cheers fella. I put a lot of info in regarding them not selling plants etc. Online. Not sure if it’ll make any difference but they will have a better understanding of situation now and I feel better for writing it.

Now if they’d just offer me a 10 minute supermarket sweep down their plant and hydroponics aisles I’ll be golden!

Some things are worth selling at low prices in-store, but are not worth delivering, that is nothing new. Maybe look for another retailer that does offer delivery?

For most things Ikea charge £35 delivery anyway so its not that different to the cost of getting from the store.
I get the not delivering plants (despite hoping they’d do)
I don’t get why perfectly safe to deliver items aren’t available for delivery when things like terracotta pots etc which are far more fragile are.
anyway. Didn’t think much (if anything) would come of my email but at least they are aware there’s an ‘issue’ (at least with me)

No reply from Mr. Jelkeby so far but specifically said. Take your time you’ve probably more important things to handle during these pandemic times, but my recent order that was due sometime late next week is now due today so maybe he had had effect on order timescale which is great but unneccssry as was happy to wait
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