Ikea discount code?

    Hi i am donating these ikea high visibility vests to a school. I would donate a 100 of them for the school kids. I was wondering if anyone working in ikea can help with a discount apart from the ikea family card. I would be highly obliged if someone can help please. Every little helps. Even if it is only a 10% discount, i would be highly thankful
    Many thanks in advance.


    So you have not bought the vests yet? So why Ikea vests? There are dozens of other places which sell them.

    Can't help with the Ikea discount but why buy from there when there are cheaper ones online

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    If you know anyone selling cheaper plz send me a link. No i havent purchased them yet. I just found the material better than most of the places that is why i wanted to buy from them.

    if you are donating to a school it could be worth contacting IKEA to explain what you are doing and why you are buying them and asking if they would be interested in donating them to the school as it would be very appreciated etc etc and if not would they be give you a bulk buy discount. they might just surprise you

    I wear hi viz at work and always have done and even the cheap ones last OK.

    Google kids hiviz and loads will come up

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    Thanks guys. I would definitely talk to the manager at my local. But i am not sure if they would give a discount or not. It is worth trying anyway.
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