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    OK so after a day in IKEA, a 2nd day building the wardrobe & everything that goes with it...
    Basically the wardrobe is "pants" can I take it apart & return it ?
    Has anybody done this & how successful were they.
    We havent even opened any of the extras we bought with eg shelves, racks, doors.
    So all we've opened has been the carcass which looks liek you could blow it over..

    lets hear your IKEA stories ;-)


    which range is it?

    years ago i got a kitchen table had it about 6 months and the surface lifted-when i returned it they asked had i got it wet? and after accepting the top back wouldnt refund the legs lol until i demanded my rights lol

    Original Poster

    PAX wardrobe
    something like this…717

    if u aint got shelves in ect it going be shakey lol

    pax we got in two rooms-solid as a rock-get the shelves in and tighten it up?

    If its put together properly then ikea stuff is fine and should last a while.


    PAX wardrobesomething like … PAX wardrobesomething like this

    We got the same. Like said earlier, get the shelves and stuff in before you judge it. Mine is fine.

    oh and we attached to the wall too.

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    too late its been dismantled & now looks in even worse condition.....
    gonna try & get it refunded
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