ikea night lamp fuse fix

    This is my 3 night lamp from Ikea which fused so this time I really want to know if & how can I fix this?

    These are the common yellow moon, pink star shaped lights. Can someone please help.


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    Possibly slightly cheaper on Amazon like this…D3J
    But reading this link (bulb size)…XJQ
    They are showing as 6.3 watts which is very low energy - you'd probably want 1amp fuse max

    But what do you mean it's fused? explain more
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    We took two pink flower ones back last week and they gave us a voucher for the full amount as we had them over two years and I read an article that said they had been recalled in 2014. Thought it was worth a try and they never questioned it.

    Cut of the plug and replace with a plug where you can replace fuse (noting what
    previous fuse rating was)

    The suggested Ikea bulbs for these are fairly crap, I replaced them with 1watt LED bulbs from Amazon.

    I suspect the issue is putting higher wattage normal filament bulbs in them, as the bulb sits very close to the plastic; the heat may melt it and the plastic bulb holder.

    There is a maximum wattage warning of (I think) 35watts in the leaflet supplied, but who keeps all that paper junk??
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