IKEA Pax frame- made it shorter?

Posted 19th Dec 2019
Has anyone cut the top or bottom of Pax to help it fit in an alcove before, did it work ok?

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The Pax comes in two heights. 200cm and 236cm. Will the shorter one fit?
I have cut many Ikea units (Billy, Kitchen, Malm) to my sizes with a very good quality, very sharp circular saw and straight edge cramped onto the board. The edge you leave will not be protected by a laminate covering so you may want to think about gluing a new edge on it to stop disintegration of the chipboard underneath. Use scotch tape to draw the pencil lines on, Measure at least 3 times before cutting once. Better still, get a mate to check your measurements

Cutting down the carcass is one thing but have you considered what you need to do with the doors? They are shrink wrapped and exposing the edges will lead to wear over time as thing get caught. Pax has something like a 5cm space at the base. You may not be able to use their feet for levelling as they are quite long to start with
I've cut down a Pax unit before, the cutting advice given above is good. With mine I left it as an open wardrobe without doors for the reasons mentioned.
Yes, we cut one down before and the doors, no issues. as new build house, ceilings were 3cm too short.
Used to fit Ikea furniture, you can effectively cut the 30mm out the bottom then either trim plinth to fit or do with out this leaves doors unaffected and all dowel and fixing holes line up.
I'm leaving the doors off like Haircut 100. Great advice from all of you. I actually need to take 400mm off , so it sounds like I should do it from the bottom.

Thank you all!
If you need to drill fixing or dowel holes get a nice new 5mm bit
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