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Posted 22nd Oct
I want to buy sofas from IKEA Belgium (they don’t have the colour I want in UK) and have it shipped to UK.

Lately, I thought I would order directly from IKEA Belgium online and pick up from a Belgium store, and return to UK in a rental van via Eurotunnel.

Unfortunately, some items cannot be picked up from store and require a delivery address. As I don’t live or know anyone in Belgium, not sure how I go about this - any ideas?

I’m happy to pick up from a Belgium location or I can have it delivered to my home address.

Need reliable way of doing this, what’s the best way?

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Hotel that presumably you'll be staying overnight in belgium?
I really didn’t want to book a hotel or Airbnb as I intend to go and return same day.

Any chance of delivery to a courier or agent?
Do you have a link to the sofa you are looking to buy? It's going to be really expensive to import a sofa from Belgium whatever way you do it (either going there to pick it up yourself or having it delivered). Is there really that much difference in between the colours sold at IKEA here and IKEA Belgium that you couldn't just pick up one here and just live with the different colour?
There are no additional customs charges and delivery costs are not unreasonable but the size and style is exactly what we’re looking for and still far cheaper than comparable from non-IKEA stores, so makes perfect sense.

So only dilemma is delivery to a Belgium address.
Possibly a stupid question, but do any stores actually have it in stock. I know they say you can't collect from store, but just wondering if different stores might actually have it already in there.
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Or you could try and email/call a store in Belgium and explain the situation and see if they could manually order it in for you to go and collect and bring home?
Hi guys. Thanks for all your help.

I'm not getting any assistance from IKEA Belgium or Germany, so decided not to pursue this any longer.

Having said that, my wife has been looking for sofas and has found exactly what she wants and the size fits! Will be sending another mail thread on that separartely but just wanted to say thanks to all for your advice, much appreciated.
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