Ikea Tradfri lights questions and google home

Posted 16th Jan
Hey everyone

Wanted to ask anyone who has the tradfri lights, specifically the GU10's, are the recent models slightly bigger than the older models so they dont fit flush into the fittings?

do you need a hub if using with Google home or can the lights be set up using google home as the main interface without the hub?

generally within google home, can different products of one company work with products of another company? so for example, use the ikea motion sensors with the yeelights? or is that not possible?

ive got a couple of smart stuff in my house (yeelights, smart sockets) all connected to GHome. Wanted to expand abit more now with the lighting but would like cross platform to work.

I know of home assistant but i dont have the time needed to set that up as with no technical skills, it will be a steep learning curve.
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If I remember correctly, IKEA bulbs are Zigbee based so will require a hub to control. The hub then in turn can connect to Google Home allowing you to control the bulbs through google home.

If you want cross compatible devices, your best bet would be to use something like the Samsung Smarthings hub which can connect wifi, bluetooth, z wave and zigbee devices together. You can then download the smart app called Webcore to allow sensors to activate lights etc...

There will be a lot to learn though if you want to go down that route, but in the long term will save you loads of money.
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