IKEA Trafdi Smart Bulbs on Phillips Hue Bridge and Alexa £7 at Ikea

Posted 3rd Sep 2019
Hi All

I found out last night that I can setup IKEA Trafdi Smart Bulbs on my Phillips Hue Bridge.

I bought 3x E14/SES Candle Bulbs at £7 each and now have these working with Phillips Hue and Amazon Alexa!

  • Install "Hue Essentials" from Playstore (Not sure if there's an iOS version)
  • Open the app and connect your Phillips Hue Bridge

What to do next:
  • Get a lamp and plug in near your Phillips Hue Bridge
  • Install your new IKEA bulb into the lamp
  • Turn the lamp on/off 6 times to reset the bulb
  • Open Hue Essentials, Click Lights from Menu
  • Add a light and press the 'Touchlink' button (Your bulb should start pulsing)
  • Once finished pulsing, click 'Search for lights'
  • You should now be able to name your light, control it via Hue and sync with Alexa

I believe you can also sync the Wireless Dimmer Switch!

Good Luck!

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