Ilikeapes3 This kid is about 13 years old yet claims to have 2 kids.

    "My son is in Disney Land ATM, And y Daughter Is The One Who Is Selling It."
    This is a claim from this post.…833
    This kid gets suspended nearly every week.
    He is now blatantly lying and I don't think he should be allowed on this site.
    Have you seen the feedback he left for Rayman?


    link to the feedback he left??

    why is he mensioning the son .....

    just leave the poor deluded guy alone, at least untill he can defend himself! think of the children !

    Original Poster


    Thanks Choc, I was so angry I forgot to put the link in. :thumbsup:


    link to the feedback he left??

    I can't put a link in here. This is a family forum and his comments are absolutely disgusting.
    I'm sure you are more than capable of finding the comments for your self.


    why is he mensioning the son .....

    More than one kid in tonight.

    funny thread...FS/Ft frum is mad!


    Please don't discuss suspended/banned members

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