I'll Be Forever Greatful If....

You can find me this ring! really want to buy it but cant find it anywhere!!!! any one seen it on the net or a similar style???

Will love you guys forever!!!


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where did you find the pic?
you could ask a jeweler to craft one for you but i guess it would cost a bomb

Sorry can't help but hope you are successful

does it have a name? .... don't know much about jewellery but i like to look stuff up for other people...

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na i was looking on google for wedding hairstyles as im a hairdresser n i came across the ring,really want it

cough**** argos ***cough lol

ta just what i needed.


I thought your avatar was a midge! :oops:


I thought your avatar was a midge! :oops:

Haha..well I am a gem after all

Annoying lil ****** it is eh

hmm, just seen one i like.. not having much luck with your design though.

I've just found this: goldsmiths.co.uk/pro…712

the middle is different, but the rest is similar


looks like one of those cheapy jobs in the back of the tv mag lol £39.95 over 10 months
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