Im a Fool ASAP help please!

    Im a spanner!!!

    Ive made a ebay purchase for big amount of money without thinking of looking for paypal codes. Are any working at the moment.

    I currently have the paypal ive kinda got myself stuck as ive got to pay now.....Please help

    Your village idiot!!!


    I don't think so actually. Do a search in the forum for the last batch of codes and try them but I think they may have expired and I haven't seen any since then.

    Original Poster

    yeh they've espired....ohh the village idiot will have to pay the £300.. feel free to abuse me in this thread now !!

    Did you buy something nice?


    feel free to abuse me in this thread now !!


    Only joking. I always say that if you're having to trust vouchers, discounts and cashback from third parties (such as QuidCo and Rpoints) to obtain the price you wish to pay then maybe it's not worth it. I usually advise people only to buy if they like the item and think that it is worth it WITHOUT the codes, discounts and whatever else and then take those as an added bonus. Then you aren't upset if you miss out. It's always good to have codes ready before hand.

    Just my humle opinion. :thumbsup:

    Im a spanner!!!

    If you abuse the spanner, all the nuts here will work loose and everything will grind to a halt :roll:

    I take it you didn't want to buy this item?
    If you don't want to pay then let them file a non paying bidder report. you get 3 strikes before they freeze your account
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