"I'm a god warrior"

    Just came across this by mistake on YouTube, I don't know how to put a link in from YouTube whilst using my iPhone, the video title is

    Trading spouses - crazy lady- "I'm a god warrior"

    It runs for about 6.23 mins it's worth watching till the end.
    Box of frogs spring to mind.

    Could someone add the link cheers.


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    Clearly your from the darkside.

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    Im a god warrior
    Hopefully this link works. Ignore splatsplastsplat video link, unless you like rick astley
    Edited by: "solarforce" 13th May 2011

    Nasty piece of work isnt she, screaming at her "family" like that. The dad should man up and get her off her cross.


    Joey Bloggsy new Rick

    fail, i just got Friday'd

    Wow mental religious freak mam and a dad with no balls good luck.
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