I'm a PC

    did they really gave their ideas, or is it yet another Ad,

    are you a pc and gave any ideas!!!!



    In english please?


    doubt anybody gave the idea. Maybe, they said, can you make it look better, nicer and they did what they had always intended


    Paddy Charlie;8025455

    In english please?

    :roll: it's only an a to an i, calm down

    I am un-pc

    I hope eventually they show an ad that goes:

    "When I want to consume as much p0rn in as little time as possible, I just press CTRL-P and up it pops in full screen. I am 19 and I'm literally glued to my PC..."

    No your not a pc.

    "I like being able to use tabs to keep a record of the online chatrooms I'm in so I can talk to young girls and pretend im the same age as them.

    Im a PC"


    really I am a PC:-D


    really I am a PCSO:-D

    edited for ya



    edited for ya

    its Now CSO or what ever the new name for them is ..

    I'm Kat McCann and I created windows 7 and open windows was my idea

    I'm Joseph Fritzel and I created windows 7 and no windows was my idea

    I'm Harvey Price and I created windows 7 and licking windows was my idea.

    This latest add for anonymous web surfing is brilliant.

    'I can use it to buy a present for my wife without her knowing' says the man on the advert.

    'That'll make looking at porn a lot easier' thinks every man watching the advert.

    The adverts are absolutely terrible as it is, but this one hits new lows. At least it's (unintentionally) funny though.


    "I am gave a Window and I am gave PC"

    "Ideas gave a Windows, PC gave an I am"
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