im about to list some stuff but first ........

    can someone explain what bumping is????

    i dont want any more infractions etc so before i do something wrong will someone explain.

    i have read the rules and the guides and am still unsure


    Here you go -

    Continuous 'bumping' of threads to promote your sale without good reason, will result in closed threads and infractions. Please edit your last reply in the thread rather than 'bump' with new replies, includes bumping by proxy and to a maximum of three bumps in total.
    * Items in threads that have been moved, closed and expired, must not be relisted until at least a period of one week has passed from the date of closure..


    any post within a thread is a bump as it bumps it up to the top, but in the fs boards you can only post if its about the deal, any posts considered not part of dealing will be seen as bumps, you are allowed to bump a thread 3 times with the pure intention of brining it back to the top, if that makes sense

    also if you are answering a few posts in one go you need to use the multi quote option

    Make sure you don't ask for any prices or mention any of the items in this thread. Or you will have to wait 7 days from locking this thread.

    Good luck with selling your items.

    Make sure you include feedback elsewhere and pics in your first post. (This does not count as a bump.)


    yes make sure you reserve how many post you need immediately, a post can hold 5 pics

    Closed @ ops request. Thank you

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