I'm absolutely flippin' raging.......

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Found 13th Apr 2008
........Some numpty has just crashed into my car with one of those new Skodas......

.......theres flipping marzipan and sponge everywhere!!!!!

Sorry to post this again, but the last one got removed due to inappropriate language,

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And you posted this twice :lol:

Is this an attempt to try to be funny :-D

Original Poster


And you posted this twice :lol:

no, i posted it once. it has duplicated, but the other one doesn't work.

and thanks to people spamming this one, neither does this

EDIT: it has been un-spammed now, thanks Mods!

How mean!


i dont even get it?

me neither, why all the mad zoomed in photos?

I thought the joke was funny and is the red car supposed to look like a face with mad teeth.
Why's everyone giving you a hard time??


Sorry to hear you were in an accident I hope you got his details

i thought it was a joke too ... cant see much damage on the supra

If its not a joke, good luck with the insurance stuff !

Have I just slipped into an alternative dimension??
What has been spammed?
Nice little Skoda joke.:-D
Good red car thing Harvie.:-D
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