Im after a MUSIC PC - can anyone advise?

Budget is £1000 max - but prefer £600-£800

Im currently using an old DELL OPTIPLEX P4 - 1GB RAM - 500GB Hard drive
Soundcard is an old SOUNDBLASTER LIVE front face with midi input/output
XP only please

Ive checked a few sites and not sure if I really need quad core or dual core 2.


These machines seem pricey compared with DELL.

Really need some advice as google isnt really my friend on this subject.


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Hi, i'm doing exactly the same and i have a little experience in this area...not much in the way of actually building them but more in knowing what i need having bought a few for this purpose!

For me...it's got to be quad core now - once you start loading up all those virtual instruments and effects you'll find the machine starts to stutter. I used a P4 3.2 desktop for a couple of years. Worked pretty well. Then I got a Sony Vaio 1.8 core2duo laptop with 2GB ram. Similar in spec but stack up the tracks and it can't cope as well as the desktop.

So go for a quad core. This should give you the extra you need. I was checking out the DELL


and it looks pretty good - pay the extra 40 quid and get the bigger monitor...trust me it's worth it when you're starting at lots of midi dots for hours! And also buy the extra wireless mouse and keyboard. And the wifi card. After you buy it then buy 2gb more RAM from kingston or crucial or somewhere. 4gb will do you fine...Remember that XP only accesses about 3.2gb.

So that will cost you about 750 quid including the extra ram.

Then I highly recommend buying a UAD card or a TC POWERCORE card - both are excellent and will allow you to run effects (reverbs etc) on their own processors...hence saving your cpu. And they'll keep your quad core useable for a few more years!

This will take you to about 1000 pounds. But at least you can get the computer and get started first with around 700-750.

Hope that helps.

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