I'm after some eBay furniture advice

Found 6th Sep 2008
I'm going to buy 2 bookcase from M&S for our lounge.

They are £749 instore.

There are several eBay sellers who reckon they sell exactly the same items for half the price.

Has anyone ever bought any of the "high street" brand furniture.

It seems to be mainly M&S, Laura Ashley and next stuff on eBay.

I would like to know if it's genuine M&S stuff or imitation. Whether the quality is OK.

The sellers have been around for ages and seem legit, they say it is all kosher, but I can'rt see how they sell it so much cheaper?



probably be from these places that have m&s clearance stores

What are the item numbers on EBAY?

Off the cuff you have to realise that most goods from stores are not manufactured by the stores themselves. They are supplied by manufacturers. Stores like Next and Marks and Spencer usually ask suppliers for exclusive rights to sell so that the items are unique to that store.

However, depending on where the item is manufactured it is possible to find items of similar quality that are supplied to different retailers but, with minor or no modifications. So it is possible to source similar items from the same manufacturer at different stores with different prices.

there are also ranges of furniture that look exactly the same as the next & m&s stuff but it's made with cheaper materials and is much more flimsy when put together.

Not saying if this is or not but they are defo around.

You will find that other sellers can sell them cheap..M&S ain't exactly the cheapest around so they will sell for maximum profit plus add more onto it to make it look / feel expensive.

Original Poster

Thanks peeps.

It seems they stock returns / ex-display / factory seconds.

So I guess it's a case of you-pays-your-money-you -takes-your- chance.

Obviously I will make sure I see the pieces before parting with so much cash.

As I want a couple I will also barter hard.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I help out in a shop and Boss lady can get the same lines as M and S and Laura Ashley as she knows who the suppliers are. Im sure it is probably the same on ebay.
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