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Found 10th May 2008
Does anyone have any recommendations for a Compact Digital Camera?

I have a Nikon D40 for my DSLR, but looking into branching out and having a compact as a backup (for nights out, weddings etc).

What have you got and how do you think it compares to others?

At the mo, money is not an important matter in the decision, but to limit the amount of recommendations, up to £200 should do...

If anyone has any samples as well, that would be great

Cheers in advance people.
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Fuji Finepix S5700
Sorry, too big (actually had an S7000 which I sold to help fund the D40).
A good one for low lighting is fuji f20 or f30

the f20 is a bit hard to find but this series is quite compact and the quality for 'nights out' would be quite good
Canon Ixus 75....Great camera....

raptorcigs I bought that one after posting it as a deal....what a debate that was....now only £99 at argos!!!
I don't think you can go wrong with an Ixus. My sister has an Ixus 40, I have an Ixus 60 and my dad has an Ixus 70. We can't really fault them.
I've taken over a 1000 photos with mine now and the only bad photos it took was when I didn't have it pointed in the right direction!
my wife is the photographer of the family, although I take great property pictures!... had an ixus 45 before...great camera, when it got damaged we replaced it with the 75 never been disappointed
I totally agree with agent silver and greg. The canon ixus is the best by far. If you want a view finder get the ixus 70, if not then the ixus 75 or 80 are superb.
what about the Samsung s760 that is currently being advertised here on HUKD! it's 54.99 delivered and has good reviews! Ebuyer i think it was. Should be on the deals page

also, it would be good for nights out to carry around a camera a lot less than £200 in value!
Been looking at the Ixus 80, reviews give it a thumbs up...

Although, viewfinder issue might need looking into, so will have a look at reviews at the 70.

Cheers for the help
My bro is a professional photographer and he always suggests using Canon cameras & lenses ... I personally use the Canon Ixus and its little wonderful compact camera ... Plus it was a MADE IN JAPAN label ... so perfect not a a MADE IN PRC or MADE IN CHINA models .... which most of the Sony's or other manufacturers do ...
I have a Canon Ixus 860 IS, but I think any of the Ixus range are good.
I find the problem with most compact cameras is the lack of wide angle, I find lenses starting at 35mm not much use. While Canon do have some wide angle lenses on their compacts, they suffered a lot of distortion last time I checked.

I got an Ixus 80 in the end

Like the photos, yet to give it a proper test though...

Cheers for all your help.
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