I'm being scammed, but how??

Found 10th Nov 2014
I currently have a Macbook Pro listed on Gumtree. I chucked it on there in an attempt to avoid ebay's fees, but I've been inundated with scammers trying to pull a fast one. The thing is, I know i'm being scammed, but i'm not quite sure how. I obviously am not going to sell to anyone who won't collect but purely out of curiosity, does anyone know what they intend to do? Here's a couple of the emails that i've received...

"i want it shipped to my friend in
Gwynedd UK, as a gift and i will be paying you additional £50 for
the shipping fee and i will prefer
paying you via PayPal so send me PayPal money request or invoice to my
email: simonbrown112@gmail.com do let me know once you send me the
request or invoice so i can follow the link to transfer the money now
Hope to read from you soon.

"i hope extra £115 will cover the postage fee cause I am sending
it to my spouse in Lagos zip code 23401. And I am willing to pay you
via PayPal,so please send me a PayPal money request for the payment
and my email is markanderson0008@gmail.com"
Mark Anderson.
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Search for gumtree on here and you will see this has been asked many times before.
They will send you a email which looks to be from PayPal and that the payment has been made, however no funds will be in your PayPal. Also some trick you by saying in the email that the funds will be released to you when you enter the shipping tracking information. Basically all the same...... you lose the goods and end up with nothing! Move on and don't worry. Accept only cash on collection and double check the cash! My experience with Gumtree is, you'll never get as much as eBay BUT by the time you account for eBay fee's,. you'll end up with either a little more or the same with less hassle, Gumtree works best for me. I also sometimes add 10% to the price and put a 'buy it now' on eBay with cash on collection only! That gives you a better chance of selling even with the 10% difference I sell more on eBay as everyone on Gumtree wants a bargain!
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Pickup only-pay by cash!
Ah, i see you have been contacted by our Nigerian Friends.
Only advice is ignore them, its blatently oblivious its a scam - a friend of mine sold something on ebay and the scammer claimed he was an armed forces member in Nigeria, and needed her to pay in a clearance deposit into a western union account (to allow him to pay her apparently)

She told him to do one and he became abusive calling her a fraudster and threatening to report her to ebay etc.
Ask them to send you chocolates before you post it.
It still amazes me how 419 scamming is still rife in Nigeria.
OR ask them to pay via paypal gift.
why would someone pay £115 just for postage ? .......and both got @gmail.com accounts abit of a coincidence?
I wouldn't even bother.
I am interested in the item. I will pay £100 extra if you can ship it to my cousin Paul who lives in Benin City, Nigeria.

Many thanks,

they often dont even bother to write i want the - macbook - just the item......
i want to buy your item on ebay....
I've just received this one:

"From: Ali

Who much you take very last"

One word for you Ali....Priceless!
why dont you put it in here? regards trace

why dont you put it in here? regards trace

I may do eventually, but not sure I need the anti-apple brigade teaming up with Nigerian Ali in tormenting me right now!
thers plenty of apple supporters too xx
never mention apple on hukd its not allowed
hi i have recently posted my ps3 and ps2 bundles on friday and had scam offers from simonbrown112@gmail.com and also matthaslett112@gmail.com aswell with all the fake paypal emails so just ignore if you are selling an item anywhere it seems. I have since changed paypal emails and passwords to ensure security and will also be reporting to paypal security team
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