I'm cold

    I'm cold ... the heating has failed .... again ... the office is a cool 16ºC ...... any suggestions on how I can get warm??


    Go Back to bed! Ive just lit a lovely coal fire! guess thats no help really!

    Morning Mike get warm by going home

    go to the pub ?

    What no secretary :whistling:

    Make a cup of coffee/tea!

    You dont have to drink them, just enjoy the heat

    *currently hugging a cup of tea due to no heater*

    Go out and send a fiver on a cheap argos electrical fan heater.

    Enjoy, and get some work done.

    no office bike to keep you warm? :P

    This works for Bear Grylls when he falls into icy water - strip naked and start doing push ups and star jumps.

    Isn't it illegal for the workplace to be under a certain temperature? ~17ºC?

    Set fire to your legs?

    Masturbate, Im Sure No One Will Mind And It Will Get You Warm

    Original Poster

    Thank you all for your support, had you sent these suggestions by letter I could have at least burnt them which would have provided a little respite from the Dickensian workplace in which I spend my (working ???) hours.;-)
    I would give you all some rep but I'm too cold.:cry:
    On a serious note the temperature has risen to a tropical 17[FONT=Arial]º[/FONT]C ...woo hoo .. break out the iced tea's :w00t:

    17 isn't cold anyway,lightweight!

    you could ask either Mr Scrooge or Mr Marley for another lump of coal for the fire.
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