I'm confused about skyplayer

    hi i was looking to get sky tv on my xbox 360 and was reading, as from what i read it says its free if you have multiroom and are already a sky customer... i have both of these does that mean i get it or free on my xbox ........ surly it cant be free????? anybody no if thats right?


    Yes, its right, you just need your sky broadband usernam and password

    Can people access this now? The icon appeared when it was launched, but still hasn't come back since they took it down the other day...

    you don't need sky broadband, just use your viewing card number and post code. it can be accessed if you downloaded it when it was up, can be accessed through quick launch, i have the update preview and it's on the community blade now also.
    edit: and yes, it's free but nothing special, i only use it to see if anytihng is on sky while playing on the 360.

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    so do i need to register online or anything?

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    ive already searched it as i said just didnt think it would be free was just making sure i read it right
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