*****I'm going demented*****

Lib's should be in bed at 10pm (sleeps 10 till 10) but tonight she's laid snoring, then all of a sudden ROCKS her moses basket, or WHACKS herself to wake herself up!!! She ain't crying but i will be soon if i don't get to my pit!!! Arrrrgggghhhh!!!

P.S Swaddling does'nt work, and still wouldn't stop the rocking!



maybe shes to big to be in it now

Might just be the attack of the wind.

oh i used to have a sound machine for bean. It played the sound of a heart beat so she thought she was in the womb .

she always slept when i had that on and swaddling

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She's tiny, don't even fill half of it lol!! She's gone....im hoping!

Less stars next time?



She's tiny, don't even fill half of it lol!! She's gone....im hoping!

my little guy was an extemely jumpy baby, oh i so used to feel for him you would only have to walk past him and he would jump a mile. maybe she just has wind then, or dreaming, do they dream:?

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Less stars next time?

Ok, i'll only do 4


this was posted last week - as long as you have enough wine it might work!!!

Oh The Joy I Have To Come.

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Oh yes, the dragons sleeping woooohhooooo!

Does she do the star shape? Mine both did, scared me, let alone them. Mind you mine didn't sleep. Alex (11) has only started sleeping through in the last 10 months (he has Aspergers) - know what its like to be a zombie!

My daughter was jumpy and was a very light sleeper, the first few months my daughter would wake for a very small bottle feed which would take about 25 mins or so, then she would slowly drift off for about 45 mins and wake for another feed, after that! That happened for the first 3 months, I remember nothing but, coffee, bourbon biscuits and losing alot of weight!!!
Then she calmed into a routin of sleeping for about an hour and by the time she was 9 months she was going to sleep at 5am in the morning and waking at about 9am!
At least it's not that bad eh???
My daughter's 9 now, but I still remember the sleepless suffering like it was yesterday!

buy her a grow baG

sorry bloody caps but cant be fussed to retype lol

My daughter is now 17 weeks and for the past 4 has took to waking in the night, even newborn she only woke twice at most. I've just put her in her cot in a grobag and now she wakes 5 times a night, yes 5 times from 9.30 til 7.30, I feel like a zombie lol.

Pop an E in her milk... she'll be buzzing but then when she comes down she should sleep well... only joking... don't waste it. :P

I left Cerys in her Moses Basket till she was about 14mths,might even been 15th,obviosuly I took it off stand when she reached weight limit,tiny thing she was,still is.She slept great in it so didn't want to disturb.

When it was time for cot,she settled ok but was waking up at 5am or so for no reason,sitting up and could see us in bed and just waking us for no reason,for some attention I suppose. So then I put her in with her brother and she soon stopped the waking up at 5am or so.
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