I'm going for a mini cruise Hull to Rotterdam/I have never been on a ferry/any tips

    I've never been on such a big ship,is there anything I should know.
    Should I buy something against travel sickness?
    How are the prices onboard for food ?
    Tell me anything what you think I should know and any storys you have undergone.

    I always loved to blow the horn from such a big ship.

    Thanks for any tips!



    Only tip I can think of is don't let "uncle" from only fools and horses be the skipper!:whistling:

    Ha Ha... Blow MY horn....
    No.1. Don't drink too much booze
    No.2. Know where the loo is.
    No.3. Don't moove too far from the loo if you ignore Tip No.1.

    Loads of booze!!!!

    :thumbsup:Hiya, My friend did that same cruise & his advice was take your own food if you can ( or at least something ) as on board prices are very expensive. Hope weather is OK for you.

    We went with dfds from newcastle to amsterdam a couple of years ago. 1st couple of hrs were great then it got a bit rocky. I was up all night cause I felt sick. There was a couple of bars, cinema, shops onboard ect... Meals not to badly priced from what I can remeber but snacks were pricey. It was Oct so hopefully crossing will be better for you.

    Hope this helps

    Yeh def take your own food if you wanting a snack.

    For travel sickness if you think your going be,maybe taking something or get them wristbands you put on for travel sickness. If you don't bother and feel queasy,I think it was my partner to say go on lowest deck possible.We were ok when we went across to Calais,and I took the kids on top deck and they loved it.
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