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    I'm going to buy a push bike any good sites?

    I don't need a really fancy bike. Just somethimng for going to work somedays (5 miles) and the odd truip out with the kids.


    Try SterlingHouse.Co.UK

    Cheap and cheerful, I think most of their stock are catalogue returns, or have been in the past.

    We've used Mail Order Cycles before (Kommunist top link). Good service, no problems and also got free lights, lock, pump, water bottle and repair kit.


    The above site is my personal favourite for bike deals. Specialized are the best bikes in my opinion. Mind and check their clearance stock if you do decide to check the website!

    Original Poster

    Thanks all. Not knowing anything about bikes I had a look in Halfords and this one looks ok, although I don't really know what I am looking for and maybe 13" frame is too small?

    > Halfords bike<
    Very cheap but should do the job. However I don't mind spending up to £150 if you know of something better elsewhere. Are Halfords bikes not normally ok?

    Final question what size frame should I go for. I am 5'6" and have a 27" inside leg - if that helps. I know I am short

    Thanks again.

    I think that this is not the right bike for tasks you described earlier. Unless your way to work is all covered in mud and it is hilly all the way.
    If I were you I'd rather go for hybrids, like Giant Expression or Raleigh Metro or something similar with light alloy frame. These bikes are much faster and easier to handle but do not have hardcore mud-digging abilities. Also they often come fully equipped so you won't have to spend more money on mudguards, chainguard, etc.

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    Kommunist, you are right the way to work is all road so this is probably not the best option for that. Although I occasionally want to go out with the kids which may involve going though some bike tracks etc, so I thought this or something similar may be ok.

    I am off out now but later I will have a look at your suggestion as well. Thanks.

    I would go for a mountain bike with front suspension, a good all-round bike, suitable for commuting and a bit of off-road stuff! I would not go for a full suspension bike.


    This seems like a good bike that may serve your needs?!

    "What frame size do I need?":

    17" frame is suitable for a person who is between 5ft4" - 5ft 7"

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    Thanks BMX looks good is £160 a good price for this make?

    Any promotion codes anywhere?

    Aldi have them in once a year for about £59.99, but unfortunately you'd probably have to wait for the summer before they get them in!! They're mountain bikes as well.


    Thanks BMX looks good is £160 a good price for this make?Any promotion … Thanks BMX looks good is £160 a good price for this make?Any promotion codes anywhere?

    It is a good price, I've searched online but they all seem to be wanting full whack which is about £189. Giant are one of the best makes out there for bikes.

    Sorry, I don't know of any promotional codes.

    Just moving this to Deal Request....


    This bike is cheaper here. £137.51!

    Good find Kommunist. :thumbsup:
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