Im going to dublin: Tips please. Places to stay eat etc

    Also any idea if this Dublin pass is any good? Seems expensive.

    Yea so any tips would be helpful. Thanks guys…ss/


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    no tips?

    Not a tip but my work mates just been and was paying £6.50 a pint in temple bar!!!

    Actually i have got a tip, do the open top bus tour, very interesting and helps you get your bearings.

    Don't know the name of the place but its a old church that is now a bar/restaurant and does nice food sit outside if its nice they do a BBQ any meat with jacket rice salad etc etc for a 10€. The booze prices in the temple bar area are a rip off as said by goonieman.

    Agree with the bus tour, was one of the best things we did while there. Do get off at different stops and then on again as you see so much more. We found a park with an art exhibition set up on the outside railings. Where ever you go the drinks are going to be very expensive especially with the exchange rate but temple bar was very good if very busy.

    I would definitely recommend a place called ]The Porterhouse, best pint of Porter (basically a fantastic pint of Guinness) in town! The food is really good too, burgers and stuff, but done VERY well and pretty reasonable prices for somewhere around Temple Bar. Directions are here:…tml

    go to croke park

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    Thanks guys ill look in to all of these suggestions

    kilmainham jail

    Use the local bus service (Bus Eireann) at the airport not the special airport-city centre one it's really expensive, catch it just outside the terminal doors and takes you right to the city centre or change/stay on for the Guinness Storehouse etc. There's a day pass ticket thing you can buy.

    I went to Dublin on a stag a few years ago. Great fun.

    By the end of the night we ended up "somewhere" outside of dublin, totally smashed and totally penniless. Having taken a taxi out of Dublin we couldnt muster up enough money between us to get one back so had to walk it.

    I used my latent super ability to always find my way home when LOST and got us back just before sunrise. A great and unique way to see Dublin though.

    That said we went as a group of about 20 guys and the very first bar we went into we were thrown out of for being too rowdy. One guy really but isnt there always one. After that we couldnt get in anywhere in the temple bar area and so our stag ended up as three seperate smaller groups. We had a great time, especially as the taxi driver recommended to us a S.E.X club. It wasnt quite what we expected...... Uncanny how similar Sachs Club and Sex Club sound when spoken in an Irish accent to 5 drunken louts from across the water.

    Still my tip, ask the locals. It will seem more of an adventure than just following the directions on the back of some leaflet.

    Drink beer, it's better than Guinness.
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