I'm going to gumbet turkey on monday. what should i expect?

Found 12th Jul 2009
is it cheap? are the waiters really as slimy as people say they are? is it the benidorm of turkey?
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Where are you from?
large scale sexual harressment
It will be very hot, resonably cheap if you keep away from the main seafront resturants, and haggle for everything (75% of asking price is a good target). If you are a young blond lady the waiters will try to "impress you" but usually it is very good natured, but be warned and be careful. The beach is quite stoney, but take advantage of the opportunities to see some of the sites, thousands of years of history, there should be something to impress you. The airport is extremely expensive so take some food and water when you are going to catch the plane home, otherwise you should have a really good time
just like any other 18-30's style resort anywhere else in Europe

enjoy your hols
The beach i went to in Gumbet was sandy and lovely?
There were lots of bars on the beach.
I went in beginning of October 2 years ago and had a great time.
Make sure you do some watersports, paragliding and jet skis are wicked.
As has been said, make sure you haggle with everything!!

Have fun
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