I'm going to India on Holiday next week - any tips?

Four of us are off to India on Saturday 17th for 2 weeks and we'll be staying in Anjuna, which is in Goa. Any suggestions on what to take? Where to stay? What to do? What not to do? And so on. Thanks


Don't drink water from the Ganges


make sure you have all your jabs!

Be very selective of which hotel you go to.

Funny as I have some family going that day... maybe your getting the same flight.

I spent over a month in India travelling... Great country!

Just be open to new experiences, expect it to feel a bit full on. You don't really have any personal space and everyone will be interested in you. Actually all of the above is probably less so with Goa as its more touristy but still it'l be great.
Expect most people to try and rip you off just because your a tourist, its nothing to get offended by, just be aware of it. People expect to be haggled over things.

Wear appropiate clothing unless your in some touristy resort.

You can stay really cheaply at some nice hotels i.e. if your paying £30 a night for a room then you should expect to be in a plush place!! Again haggle over room price.

Eat the local yoghurt. get all the "safe" bugs in your gut all at once.

I'l reply with more later as im in a rush.

split your money over all your pockets and socks!

take diahorrea tablets !

Remembering all the precautions, but most of all enjoy yourself and take lots of photos!

get a motorbike maybe a nice enfirld or something its the only real way to travel
i never stayed in anjuna but i styed just outside goa called ]gokarn its where the real travellers stayed amazingly cheap and away from the hustle and bustle it is a really basic place where i stayed in a cow poo mudhut and a well for a shower
depends how luxurious you wanna be

I was in Goa last year and we went to a market in Anjuna. Take tummy pills, lots of them, go wash an elephant, go on the crocodile tour, go to lots of markets, go to the beach. Remember to barter, go to half what the offer to begin with. You don't need any jabs.
Enjoy lots of curries, the food is amazing. We did most of our tours through a taxi driver, he spoke good english and took us to all the important places at a fraction of what First Choice wanted, so make good friends with a good taxi driver.

Oh and take antibacterial hand wash, the type you can carry in you handbag or backback and wash your hands without water with and take wet ones.

Always use the handwash after handling money and before eating!

You can eat fresh fruit and salads ONLY if you have washed them yourself, so if you are sat on a beach and someone sells you fresh fruit, always wash it with your own water (which should be bought with a tamper evident seal on which you break). Don't eat the side salads in restuarants. We followed this simple rule and had no stomach problems at all over a 10 day holiday.
Be cautious of hiring motorbikes. Lots of people have accidents this way as they are not experienced bikers and the roads are rough.
Travel around by taxi - it's cheap and hassle free. Try and find one good taxi driver and keep booking him for your next excursion. He may send a 'cousin' in his place, but you know you're not getting ripped off if you can do this.
We trvelled to other resorts and stayed in little huts near the beach for a very small charge. Even if you leave your stuff in your main hotel and do this, it's very cheap and you get a night or 2 at a different resort.
There's a place up the coast called Monkey Island (I think) which has a lovely beach and an Island with a wild monkey on it which, if you're lucky, you might see.
Read all about St Xavier and you may want to go to the old town to see his crypt.

We went to see St Xaviers crypt and got a local to take us around for about the equvelent of £1, don't be afraid to use locals rather than your holiday company! I have to say that not eating frsh fruit and not eating side salads will not guarantee not getting a tummy bug. I didn't do any of those things, never ate cut fruit, used anti bacterial wipes all the time and had the worst tummy bug ever, lasted until 3 weeks after I got back, but didn't ruin the fun anyway!

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Funny as I have some family going that day... maybe your getting the same … Funny as I have some family going that day... maybe your getting the same flight.

We're flying from Glasgow to Gatwick then onward with Monarch, so maybe we will?

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[SIZE="2"]To give more detail than the OP, we've booked flights only and have yet to pick a hotel. We've been to Thailand and have some experience of far east holidays. One thing I remember from Thailand is everyone trying to sell you something (haggling), including sex - I declined of course!

I've bought sachets in case I get diarorea. I'll look up the places mentioned above and will remember about washing food. I'm also a big curry fan (spinach & potato to be specific as I'm a vegitarian) so I'm really looking forward to a good curry - even though it will probably be very different from what I'm used to.

I hope there's lots of internet cafes as I don't know how I'll survive without daily contact with HUKD.

Where can I get Indian currency? I've heard I'm not allowed to take any into the country?[/SIZE]

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[SIZE="2"]I'm also keen to be in India to reflect and interact with it's status as an entire sub-continent. I studied Geology recently and I'll be bringing back some a few igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks for sure (sorry for being a bit geeky):oops:[/SIZE]

I'm sure we got money before we went, and your not allowed to take any out, there are exchanges in the airports which you can exchange any unwanted cash, but you even barter here! They gave us a terrible rate, so I said no give us... and they said ok. Really barter everywhere!
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