I'm having problems with my 500gb hard drive,PLEASE help!

    I have a 500 GB WD hard drive but think i've done something wrong. When i bought it i didn't format it first or anything now when i try to move files bigger than 4gb it says it can't move it. Should i have formatted it first? If so to which Fat system. (sorry don't know much about this as you can see and the instructions with this weren't very helpful)


    Don't panic. You need to format it as NTFS for it to handle files greater than 4GB each.

    Yeah format it as NTFS and all will be ok!

    Note if you format it you will lose EVERYTHING that is currently on the disk.

    OMG i double clicked (slow laptop) and expired this accidentally!, im so sorry mate, apologies from me,

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    Don't worry mate!
    Okay i'll take off any important files and try that later, and thanks alot for all your help, you are all so helpful!:thumbsup:

    You dont need to format to convert to NTFS just type

    convert c: /fs:ntfs

    in DOS and it will do it for you with no data loss

    EDIT: change c: to whatever drive letter you want to convert
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