i'm looking fo ra cheap nokia 7600

    does anyone know where to buy one on pay as you go, i can only find them on contract? cheers


    I believe you can buy one on payg at £220, not cheap, from Carphonewarehouse.

    hiya, i can get u 1 for £50/60 , if u want it ulocked then were looking at about £70, its second hand, in as new, xcellent condition!

    may be I've missed the point somewhere - but aren't you best getting one from [url][/url] paying £2.99 a month for a year . even if you never use the packaged calls etc you still get a free 7600 with extras.

    Just unlock it at any of the various sites I posted before - you can find htem easily enough with a search in the forums, and then use it on what ever sim you like.

    Yeah I would definitely agree with 45ure. Just get the £2.99/month deal Link here. That includes 500 cross network minutes and 100 txts a month. But even if you decide not to use that plan you could take the SIM out and keep it in a drawer and still be cheaper than buying the phone separate. They are super easy to unlock for free even too.

    just a note... some people can't get contract phones so have to get them on payg

    That's a good point! As not everyone can make the credit agreement. Should think the best place to look in that case is eBay.
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