I'm looking for a deal on PIMMS the regular white and red label unmixed one...

    Hi all. I'm looking for a deal on PIMMS as a present to two friends that I've known for a while as I'm moving away. Unfortunately I'm a student and only just and I have barely any money. Does anyone know where to get a good deal on PIMMS? I've seen the large bottles from £13 to £11 at Sainsbury's but I was looking for something a bit cheaper as I need to buy two...

    Any shops are considered whether it be Tesco, Marks and Sparks, Morrisons etc but I need it in about two weeks before I go to uni so if anyone is shopping anytime soon and could possibly check out PIMMS or knows their local prices could you please post it here?

    Thanks all, much love to the anarchy of the masses,



    You could try "austens" from aldi which is a pimms rip off, only costs 4.99 a bottle though. Sorry i don't have a link for that.

    2 for 20 for the real stuff inc delivery from waitrose wine…spx

    here's the link...voted cold but read the what it is 'own brand' , tried myself and not bad, have to agree with nihcaj (post at the bottom). Enjoy !-)…ha/

    Yep we buy Austins, it's as good Pimms is 25% and Austins is 21.9%, and tastes as good

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    Thanks all
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