I'm Looking For A Decent Digital Photo Frame

    My mum has decided she wants one for xmas so a few of us kids are putting together to buy her one.
    Ive seen some reviews and people on here saying they are not very good etc so need advice on any good ones please.

    Looking to spend probably around £100 - maybe a tad more


    amazon have some 30 pounds or i have a 5.6 inch one 20 pounds

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    Looking to spend a bit more on a really good quality one xx

    [SIZE="3"]Hi Loobie

    Me and my brothers just bought our folks a digital photo frame for their ruby wedding anniversary. We got a 7" Kodak SV710 from Boots which was £45 and the picture quality is excellent.

    Just depends how much you wanna spend. You can get a refurbished 10" Kodak frame for £60, which I'm tempted by. ]Clicky[/SIZE]

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    Thanks Viper, that website gave me lots of info on whats available! I didnt know there were so many different types, need to do more research i think.
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