I'm Looking For A Good Deal On An i-dog spy-dog, anyone seen any please...

    An i-dog is the speakers for an mp3 or mp4
    looks like a spiderman dog..
    they vary in price so much..


    Think I saw one at B&M Bargains, didn't notice the price though.

    They are on [url][/url]. Black or white. £39 each. Not sure if that's the best price but are in stock with free delivery.


    look in the cheap shops we have one round here that sells everything last week they had these dogs in red spider and black spider they were 4.99 each

    Not sure if this is a good price. Bargain Crazy has them for 15 quid but it's 15% off and free delivery this weekend, so brings it down to 12.75:…01D

    Original Poster

    [COLOR="Purple"]thanks all
    rep given...[/COLOR]

    Oh, I know what you mean now from seeing the one at Bargain Crazy.

    There's a black spiderman looking spi-dog at Qfonic for £6.95 with free delivery today.


    The red one is £12.95 with free delivery.

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