Im looking for a good+cheap surround sound system

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks to whoever helps me... Here goes.
    Im looking for a cheap surround sound system for my living room.

    I have a PS3 (which does everything for me, TV, blu-ray, cod, etc...) and a 42'' Phillips LCD TV
    exact model.: 42PFL7662d.

    So I don't really need the DVD player that comes with most packgages, just a set of speakers really and maybe an Amp. However I only have around £150 and would be grateful for any advice or recomendations.

    Like I said its just for mainly to be used for my PS3.

    Thank you very much,



    nice find skusey

    Original Poster

    that looks great! thanks mate,
    i wonder what they mean about cosmetic marks... might have to give them a call...

    Original Poster

    any other ideas anyone? this one does look good tho

    deal request. asked to be moved

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