I'm losing my mind... Help

    I think I'm really beginning to loose the plot!
    I seen a deal on here and bought it but I can't remember what it is.
    Ive purchased a few things this month but most have been second hand from the fs/ft section.

    The link I bought it off didn't go str8 to the website and when I commented on it, the person said it was so people didn't forget to go threw topcashback.

    Is there anyway I can find out what threads I've commented on?


    Original Poster

    Ive also tried looking on my online banking to try and track the item, but I used my savings account and I don't have online banking for that

    Did you go to it through TCB? Can you see what't tracking that way?

    (I can't believe you bought something and can't remember what it is or where it was from !

    You been buying too much!


    This one where you forgot your TCB possibly ? Advanced search btw works - find posts by user in deals forum - I checked last month for you. Remember to include expired though

    Sigma on fire there...

    Original Poster

    Thank you very much sigma!!

    It was my 21st 2 weeks ago and it also landed on my monthly payday, so been buying loads haha
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