Im Moving, So wont be around for a while

    STOP CHEERING :oops:

    lol....just since ive bought/sold things etc if anything was to go t!ts up, i havent done a runner haha...Im going to give Emma (the mod) my Mobile number. IF anyone has any worried/probs get in touch with her. Hope she doesnt mind :thinking:

    Have a good weekend all :thumbsup:

    Taz XxXxX


    Good luck with the move Taz.

    Good luck moving!

    Hope nothing gets damaged and it all runs smoothly!

    ooo good luck I hate moving with a passion to the exten we got an extention built for my mum when she moved i with us cos I refused to move again :giggle:
    hope it all goes well for you and runs like clockwork

    Its one of the most stressful things moving!, Hope all goes well! (And yes I do actually mean that!, I can't stand moving houses!!)

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone...this will be my 7th move in 4 year and hopefully my last for a long while lol.

    once its all done ill share some pics with you all...not that it will be exciting

    thansk again :thumbsup:

    good luck with the move .

    Original Poster

    Im only moving a few doors up...But still annoying lmao...

    moving from 1 bed to 2 bed...

    need a whole room for all my bought deals from this place..lmao


    hope it all goes alright Taz!!!

    Good luck with the move! :thumbsup:

    Good luck Tara, see you soon.

    good luck from me too!

    the extra bedroom is for fellow hukd members to visit....yes???


    good riddeness- ha hA ha - only joking!

    Good luck - moved home 10 times in the last 18 years, and i still hate moving!!

    Tru Faith

    Good luck

    Looooooks like we will have some time to ourselves at last :thumbsup: , it is like the kids going to bed and giving us a little free time, aahhhhh, sigh. Open a bottle and bring 2 glasses, I am going to enjoy the next few days, just the two of us :friends: :giggle:


    All the best with your move :thumbsup:

    I've never moved house, and not saying everyones wrong, but I can't see the stressfull side to it! I'd quite like to move actually just to be closer to mates because im lazy and dont like to walk!
    But im 17 in november, roll on the driving lessons!

    Good luck with the move!
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