I'm new to laptops(moving from a pc),is the Acer Aspire 5551 any good? I'd be especially intrested to hear from anyone who has one or knows about processors PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    I've never owned a laptop before but my computer is on its last legs and i'm planing on replacing it asap but i'm really not good with computers and i don't know what's a good deal and whats not.I use my computer for the usual things but i also want to be able to connect it to a hi def tv(i'm not sure if vga or hdmi is better for that) and it needs to have windows 7.I've seen this one and it seems ok to me(the only thing i don't like is the colour) and its around the price i'm willing to spend…tml

    All i want to know is whether its a good deal or if not does anyone know of something better in the same price range(preferably still Acer )

    Please help!!!!


    theres better deals no here - just search laptop

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    I came on here to ask because i've tried that(although i'd have thought that was obvious) and every website i'm aware of but,as i said,i'm not great with this and i doubt i know all the websites that others on here do.So if anyone wants to help then that would be good.

    If you are going to connect it to a HD TV I presume to watch HD content it will need to have a HDMI content. Apart from the fact HDMI is better quality than VGA, VGA does not pass sound

    with regard to your comment regarding using the computer for the 'usual things', I would think you need to be more specific because my usual may be different to yours.

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    Thanks for the reply,i thought i'd need hdmi but i wasn't sure .
    By normal things i mean,emails,skype, downloading, streaming,microsoft office ,chatting on various forums and i think that's about all i do.I'm not bothered about games.

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