i'm not 100% sure where to post this...

    anyone used them? reading lots of reviews - mostly bad... but they're 3 years out of date
    Your advise please (they have a camera i've been looking for for about 2 years for £50 cheaper than anywhere else!)
    Many thanks



    I'm not sure if they include vat or not in their prices at the moment? I came across them when I was looking at a camera and it was also quite a bit cheaper than anywhere else however it would have been due VAT which knocks out the saving.

    I've dealt with them a few times but not much recently simply because I can get the products elsewhere for a similar price but at a better speed.


    Have used a lot and find them very good, keep an eye on their clearance section many bargains such as batterries and memory cards.

    I've used them a few times over the last couple of years and they've been fine, bought rechargeable batteries, some camera accessories and the last time was 3 months ago for Sony Camcorder compatible batteries. Everything has worked fine and they've delivered within their estimates so no complaints here.

    I've used them (although not in the last few months), and had no problems with them:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the replies guys
    the prices on the website now included UK VAT
    but i wasn't 100% sure if the import tax was included or not - but i've received an email (well though their website) confirming that it is included in the price
    looks like a good deal... maybe too good to be true?
    anyone spent over £300?

    You are spot on...loads of dissatisfied customers and probs. Simple search of company name combined with 'reviews' will make you think twice. I ordered 16 batteries (but they only sent the £1.50 tester) which never arrived despite being immediately debited (They didn't even check the stock until 7 days after they took my money). Postage is very steep, particularly if not ordering lots (Eek..don't go there)

    Main issue appears to be that anything 'out of stock' or non-profit making appears to be put on 'backorder' and then you are on a non-starter trying to get a reply from them, let alone the goods or your money back.

    'Out of stock' items are routinely advertised as PLENTIFUL, many reviews indicate items routinely 'missing in transit' and people being advised to claim from card companies...

    After being stung, I wouldn't use them again no matter what they advertised, even if the postage was free...

    Stopped using them couple of years back when the sold me a pirated copy of Nero 7.
    I received my money back but would not trust them again
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