I'm off!

How dare you change my favorite website Paul!!!

I'm never coming back!!!

See you in a day or two.


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Oh yeah, and I'm setting up a rvial site.

Where's Jaybird when you need hime???

I don't like it either:( Even the smileys are different.....won't be able to keep away though!

I agree, while I don't mind change the only gripe I have is the white background. It is really harsh. Also where the fluke have my recent activity list gone?

Woah, changed overnight or something?

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Woah, changed overnight or something?

Has it? Hadn't noticed anything.


I am going camping.

Hopefully will be fixed when I get back.

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"Now Online: 353
(340 Guests / 11 Members"

Proof that everyone is leaving!!!

I feel nauseous...and my eyes are sore, and I don't know what the hammer thing means....oh wait I do, its the only one that is accurate, but I'm down as "chatty" and I don't have more than 500 comments, I've got a Hotspot and I never posted a deal that got up to 1500 degrees

I can also like my own comment (even though I don't like it)

Shows we're all getting too old for this changes thing - why not keep it as it was? Aye look where innovation got us - next thing you know we'll be up the air flying.

Trudges back to finish the nuclear reactor in the garden shed - amazing what you learn off the telly.

Goes to put a smiley in message and it doesn't work - you've taken us back to the Dark Ages HUKD!!

Can't get used to it.

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"HUKD is a communitry for deal seekers."

Who rites this stuff??

"Copyright 2010"

I wouldn't of bothered, no one in there write minds would want to copy this site!!!!
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