I'm on AOL TALK can you still use the 18185 (override) for cheap international calls

    Hi, I'm on AOL Talk (Unlimited) 24/7 free 01,02.03 phone numbers) I got it free with my AOL broadband.

    Can you still use 18185 for cheap international calls? I have been googling all morning and it seems in Aug/Sept 08 CPS providers were changing and I'm not sure if I dial 18185 if AOL will charge me or 18185.

    From googling some people say 18185 are charging them for 18185 calls, not AOL Talk

    But I also found this that says:…tml
    "This may sound a bind, but it is not a bad phone package at all (it is, in fact, slightly cheaper than the BT equivalent) and you can still use non-subscription override companies such as Telediscount to make low cost calls. You will not, however, be able to use any subscription-based override providers such as 18185 as these do not work on AOL's unbundled telephone exchanges."

    So, I'm very confused. Can someone who is on the free AOL Talk "Unlimited" 01,02,03 numbers and has made a 18185 recently, let me know if the call is billed to 18185 or AOL Talk.

    Also, I haven't signed up to 18185 yet, but you can't sign up with an AOL email address, so if I create a free hotmail one for example can I sign up with that.

    Sorry to ask the questions, I rang AOL but they wouldn't help.

    Thank-you in advance

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    ring 18185 and ask, ooops forget that forgot they dont have a contact number, although you can contact them through their on line forms
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