Found 4th Dec 2008
I've just had another problem with my 360, the second in nearly 3 years. It just stopped reading discs, so I opened it all up, opened the disc drive and re-aligned the laser and put it all back together again. Now the first problem was the dreaded 3 RROD, I fixed that with a modified X-Clamp fix by just using 1p's, the fan was louder than usual and the loading was quite noisy. But since about 10 minutes ago of me fixing the disc drive, the loading is quieter, the fan is still obviously the same as before as thats caused by the penny fix.

I've never had any electrical training or mod PC's for a living (I've installed the odd motherboard and GFX Card but nothing major). Think that deserves a well rounded pat on the back :).

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Well done you

You should have flashed the drive while you were there!

Well done my son

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Thanks guys, how do I flash the drive?


Thanks guys, how do I flash the drive?…=61

I'm gonna try but it'll probably go ***s up

just sold my 2 360's as the drives failed on them both , got a good price couldnt be bothered with the hassle of fixing them . my ps3 is a dream, launch 60gb and never skipped a beat Dark night blu-ray arrives soon :w00t:

I enjoyed fixing a cheap mp3 player a while back, enjoyed breaking it more but I was bored :).
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