Im so excited i cant wait yaaaay

    i know it prob wont interest most of you guys but its my 21st birthday on sunday and immmm so so excited :):):):)



    happy birthday for sunday x

    happy birthday hun.x

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    awwwww ty marry christmas

    Happy Birthday for Sunday!

    You don't look very excited in your avatar?!?!? ;-)

    Happy Birthday for Sunday. Enjoy every minute of this time, as it all goes downhill in a few years time! :cry:

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    lol thats a old pic..... i cant even drink n i cudnt drink on my 18th lol but im goin out for meal with loads ppl tomoro night i jus hope i dnt have to cancel

    It's all downhill from 19. But Happy Birthday anyway!

    Absesses under teeth, wishing your life away, what next?!?!?!?!?!

    Did you have lots of presents growing up being told that's for Christmas as well you know!
    Anyway Happy Birthday you old person you, it's my daughters 21st on the 5th of Jan.:gift:

    Happy Birthday !

    Not my 21st until next year, probably won't get up to much though as I'm not one for drinking or spending money on drink anyway. Gotta save up if I want to go to Japan aswell.

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