Im sorry but... Has anyone got a link for the England game

Thanks in advance

Before people barge in telling me to stop being tight and get sky... i tried to but too many trees :(:(:(


Get Sky Player! nyark nyark nyark.

I'll get me coat...

What England game? Under 21s? Finished ages ago.

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wow so it did, ive really lost a few hours here, still drunk me thinks

Thanks dude, hopefully Germany in the final then…_tv

Robotchan's right though, have a look into getting Sky Player, if you've got good internet connection you can get all the sky sports channels and eurosport, mtv, download movies and a few other channels. For everything costs about £15 or something, well worth it. It's what I use.

Yeah I didn't think the Germans looked up to much when we played them the other night, would be nice to see us do them in a final again too.

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OK gonna go have a look at skyplayer
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