Im sorry im thick! Transfering window media files to Itune can it be done?

    Apologies for what may be a simple question,

    I have recently brought a new laptop and i am currently in the process of transfering all my music files to my new laptop via a 4gb USB stick please if theres a quicker alternative please say,

    But what i really want to know is there a way i can transfer my window media music files onto Itune, because i have both a sony walkman and a Ipod?

    The ipod i use for running and used to use my friends apple mac to keep my tunes up to date and refresh them from time to time!

    But i would like to do it myself by having my music collection on itunes

    I hope this makes sense,

    Please keep your answers in simple none tech jargon.

    Thanks in advance,



    Yes....I think itunes when first installed ask to check for all media files that can be used and if they are WM then it asks if you want to convert them

    Go into "file", then "add folder to library", and it should show you all the music folders you have. Select which ones to transfer, and off you go....

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    Thanks guys, you were both right, for what ever reason i seem to have a hell of alot of albums that have been duplicated! No matter nothing a boring raininy day wont solve!

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    rep added btw
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