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    Re: "self-promotion"

    Obviously, this is a bad thing on here (as is posting to ebay deals), but what exactly is it?

    I can understand somebody working for a smaller company wanting to drive enquries and sales towards their particular store because that will have a direct influence on their own sales.

    If, for example, I worked for a highstreet store, does that mean I can't promote any of the deals that we have (as refered to in the another thread about 2 for £60 games at PC world and Currys). Surely although that is promoting your 'self' or at least your own employer, the benefit is far wider than your own immediate sales especially when these deals are nationwide and often online as well. Since alot of the deals are from stores that have a non-commision based sales force, there is nothing to gain from "self promotion" in these cases over and above the satisfaction of seeing somebody get a good deal.

    If anyone can clarify for me, it would be greatly appreciated.


    If you benefit from the deal, its self promotion.

    There is no way to prove that you don't get any bonus/benefits from the deals though, so technically it would still be treated as self promo I think.

    I agree, if it's something you personally benefit from whether it's commission, an affiliate link or it's simply your own company then it's self promotion.

    I don't think there's any problem with someone who works for PC World posting the 2 for 60 pounds deal, in fact I think this sort of deal is more then welcome. The only issue there is that the company may not allow employees to post deals or offers they have been shown but not publically announced or being kept quiet.


    I advertise when hobbycraft actually have any deals worth having (not often admittedly) and I work for them, but I don't get anything out of it so wouldn't count it as self promotion. If i'm not supposed to thats kinda stupid as it would mean any crafters out there would be missing out on a deal just because i turn up at one of the stores for a few hours a week and pretend to work.

    Thing is merchants can submit deals - just use the contact us details if unsure and a mod will post it if there is merit to the deal. No worries for poster, everyone gets to see the deal, without the naff that people might post if it were a free for all.
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