I'm thinking of buying an ice cream maker. Any advice?

    I've been looking around for a while at ice cream makers. In an ideal world i'd buy a super duper all singing all dancing one that costs hundreds. But seen as i'm a bit strapped for cash, I thought i'd settle for just a small one. There is a Kenwood IM200 Ice-cream Maker at Currys for £24.99. Anyone got one of these or reccomend a better product?
    Or should i just keep saving and buy an expensive better quality one?
    Thaaanks guys!



    Have you even read how to make ice cream? Its dead easy.

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    Isn't it a bit of a pain though, having to constantly getting it out of the freezer to churn it so the ice doesn't ruin it?



    Have you even read how to make ice cream? Its dead easy.

    Is it made from ice and cream oO

    I have an old magimix Le Glacier which I haul out every couple of years for making my own.

    I don't know about comparisons - do a trial Which? maybe.
    TBH the shop-bought is so good now-a-days that I doubt I wll ever use mine again.

    (...and yes, back in the day, I have made ice-cream 'by hand' - hours of beating, freezing, beating, re-freezing !!)

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    I've used the Cuisinart one before and it's brilliant. That said, it's pretty large and very heavy, not the kind of thing you'd want to be moving around very often.

    I'd reccommend it though.

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    I've got the magimix le glacier one from Argos, paid £39.99 for it, you have to put the bowl in the freezer to pre freeze for 8-10 hrs before, some its for 24 hrs, have made quite a bit lately and its easy to use/clean, a friend has one she paid about 5x the amount for and its fiddly.
    A fab recipe book is Ben and Jerrys one, bought mine from amazon a few weeks ago half price, will try and find the link

    link to book…1-1
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    Oh and check you can, physically, fit it in the freezer, if you decide to get one OP.

    Clear a space in your garage or under your stairs , next to the george foreman grill, popcorn maker, bread maker and juicer
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