I'm thinking of importing something to sell...

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Found 10th Jan 2009
Hi All,
Has anyone bought anything via alibaba.com? I have found something that I want to import in to the UK and sell. Has anyone done this before? Also, apart from PayPal, is there any other way I can send payment that is insured in case the goods don't arrive, or arrive damaged/faulty etc.
Any help on any of the above will be repped, ty.

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Lol, I've got some left over in my fridge if you want it, if you really really want it!

alibaba.com is ok, it's the fortythieves.com you have got to worry about!

JK never used em.


bargain surfer;4012205

alibaba.com is ok, it's the fortythieves.com you have got to worry … alibaba.com is ok, it's the fortythieves.com you have got to worry about!JK never used em.


I used to import things in to the UK - but my bum's too sore now......

Now listen, it may be acceptable in Amsterdam and just because its a flower...I'm pretty sure you cant import them to sell over here....that would be wrong.....would feel good...but would be wrong....so slap of the wrists and get yourself into some proper legit business.....like renaming yourself to Arfur Daley....get yourself a swanky camel overcoat and get yourself a m8 called Terry.....drive around in your Gold Cortina and do some wheeling and dealing....make a nice honest living.... :w00t:

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OOPPS, I posted this after 12...I forgot that's when the freaks come out...


OOPPS, I posted this after 12...I forgot that's when the freaks come … OOPPS, I posted this after 12...I forgot that's when the freaks come out...

No... that's when the 'freaks' come in; having socialised on a Friday night.....:thumbsup:

What have you been doing tonight?:-D

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I've been thinking of importing something to sell... :thumbsup:


looked at that site before but nver went ahead with it....think there are a lot of dodgy peeps on there

also depending on what you want to import taxes and charges can be quite high

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Thanks Casp.
Yes. I wondered about the taxes, and duty, and all the stuff that it might get hit with when coming here...Also, the big question, could you just send over a few grand and hope for the best!
I think PayPal covers you up to £500, but I don't know what to use above that.
Does the bank offer insurance on overseas deposits do you know?

I once thought of importing camera lenses from the states. By using a friend over there for buying, unboxing and then shipping them as repaired ones being returned or the odd gift. Before the $ to £ collapse, a pro Canon lens was half the UK price in the States and you could sell them on that well known auction site and make a fortune!! The lenses I'm talking about could have been bought at the time for £1450 and sold for £1450 over here. Now the £ is so weak, I don't think the money is worth the investment / Risk.

I'm not familiar with that site but a few years back a friend and I imported leather jackets and jeans for selling at bike shows and on E-Bay. Didn't research it properly and it became a real pain, I barely covered my costs and spents many hours trying to offload the stuff.
Customs and Excise is one of the biggest hurdles, the duty worked out at over 20%. The shipping charges were ridiculous we bought $1500 worth of clothes and the shipping charge was $500, add on to that the duty which was approx £180, plus all of the charges for selling and transporting to bike shows the leather jackets that initially cost about £30 had to be sold at £50 to give us some profit. Obviously the bigger the order the transport and shipping costs per item were lower but even so it was dificult to warrant the inconvenience. And payment is a real issue, we were dealing with Indian manufacturers who would only accept payment through Western Union. For those who criticise PayPal, try using Western Union.......................... not the most secure means of payment. A great deal of good faith is required.
In 18 months during 2005/6 we had outgoings of £8000 and we made a grand total of £400 profit, divided two ways didn't even come any where near the amount of time and effort put in. In fact I still have some leather biker jeans available, if your are 5'2" with a 44" waist, 25" inside leg and weigh 20 stone they'll fit like a glove.
We had far more success selling sex toys on E-Bay before they banned us!!!! That made us some real profit, we could buy them at about $3 an item and sell them for £15 each. On an initial outlay of $2000 (£1300) that got us 400 items shipped to the UK and we got back over £6000, all postage and E-Bay charges were paid by the buyer. And if they go wrong who is going to complain about being sold a dogy dildo? Easy money for a while.

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Thanks Pug,
I think there is a bit of risk involved...I'm still looking in to it. I might see if I can get a free sample from some of the companies first :thumbsup:


Try pashminas ... was pretty good for us
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