"I'm very disappointed with my purchases"... post

Bought something you're disappointed about now? Don't really like it? Was it not as described? Let us know here!

In the post include:

1) What it is.
2) Why you don't like it.
3) Post pictures if you can.
4) If the offer is still on post links/details of shop where applicable.
5) Tell us if you are taking any action to sort out the problem.

I hope to get a lot of disgruntled customers chatting here, helping, sharing pain and complaining like a... I'm not sure what like but you get the picture.


TalkTalk broadband - one of worst decisions I ever made.

1. It is er.. broadband connection.
2. TT are liars. They drag you into contract promising unlimited connection without any limitations. Then they implementing Fair Usage policy on all accounts. It basically mean, that if you are going to use this account for anything apart from basic browsing/emails, then you can't use it. No P2P, no gaming, even no VPN. And their frontline support are either complete idiots or were trained to sound like ones.
3,4 - N/A
5. I am now out of contract and signed for Zen Broadband. What a difference! For start, their support is UK based, so no more talking to "gurus" in India :D. No limitations, no Fair Usage policy. Just excellent service (even if it costs twice as much).

I'm on TalkTalk too, and agree they are totally rubbish. Like K says, their restictions mean that you can't use it for anything other than basic browsing, which defeats the point of having broadband. They advertised it as a totally unlimited service. Luckily my contract with them finally ends this month, and I am looking for a new supplier. Stay away from TalkTalk :x
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