"I'm very happy with my purchases"... post here!!

    If you're very happy with a purchase you've made online or in the shops then let us know by posting here!

    In the post include:

    1) What it is.
    2) Why you like it.
    3) Post pictures if you can.
    4) If the offer is still on post links/details of shop where applicable.

    I hope to get a lot of people discussing things here, sharing offers and buying more and more stuff!! Happy buying.


    Original Poster

    I'm not one to purchase lots of things online, although when a great deal comes along I will. I'll now talk about purchases which members of my family made. We each got a voucher from the Daily Mirror was it(?) and made a purchase each. I must stress that we got ONE voucher each, unlike some people.

    Purchases made (all DVD):

    1) Peter Kay "Driven to Distraction" - £0.99
    2) Lenny Henry in Pieces (Nearly 4 hours!) - £3.99
    3) "The Secret Policemen's Ball" 4 disc boxset - £9.99

    These were all £5 off the normal prices which were all cheap to begin with anyway in my opinion. I'd certainly use again - the stuff arrived quite quickly too.

    All of these DVDs can be found at >><<

    Linksys NSLU2 "The SLUG"

    I am using it for NAS/SAN (backups, file transfers, etc) and Mediaserver with 0.5TB attached storage.
    Paid 56 quid and VERY happy with it

    I hate going out to shop and have a terrible cold so both this year and last year I have bought most of my prezzies through deals on this site

    play -charlie and the choc factory at 9.99 xbox BRILL
    M& S-Charlie and the choc factory DVD on 3 4 2 plus £10 off and free del code
    Empire stores last night got a spiderman quad bike worth £60 for £17.99 with a code
    and redoute-fanatstic bargains clothes for nearly nothing!

    Plus las xmas and this November fab deals on dell computers.

    Thank you -I am addicted now!

    Original Poster

    It's not a bad addiction. Rather than costing you money like most addictions (smoking, drinking, stamp collecting) it actually SAVES you money!!

    Now THAT'S an addiction to be proud of!
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